Greetings everyone and welcome to my August offerings!

To start things off, here is a Little Penny-rug in warm fall colors.

It's made up of 16 pennies of hand-dyed wool.
Each of the sides measures about 9 1/2".

I've button-hole stitched around each penny with 2 strands of black embroidery floss.

Here's a picture of the back.

It would look lovely displayed with a candle or just on its own.
Asking $45 USD (including shipping).


Next, here's my "Little Houses" quilt, measuring 13 1/2" x 17 1/2".

I've made 12 little houses from cotton prints on a muslin background.
Then, stitched a black print inner border and a blue/tan stripe outer border around them.

I've machine-stitched "in the ditch" between the houses and then 
hand-stitched around the inner border with black perle cotton floss.
The houses measure about 1 3/4" x 3" each.

The black print binding has been hand-stitched to the homespun back.

Asking $40 USD (including shipping) for this little quilt. SOLD!


Next, here's a fun "Daisy-chain" Mantle-mat measuring 7" x 30".
This is an original design.

It features 3 crows and a chain of daisies, all made from wool and 
hand-stitched onto a gold hand-dyed background.
Their legs and knobby knees are hand-stitched with black perle cotton
and the chain is hand-stitched with dark green embroidery floss.

The tongues at the ends of the mat also have daisies on them.
I've button-hole stitched them to the mat and around all sides.

To add to the primitive feel, I've stitched closed a couple of holes in the wool.

Even the fabric backing has crows on it!
Asking $50 USD (including shipping) for this mantle-mat.SOLD!


My last offering is this Little "Strip-rail" Quilt.
It measures about 12" square 
and is made from old-fashioned cotton prints in rusty-red, gold, and navy.

Each of the strips measures just 1/4" wide.

I've hand-stitched between the rows and around the center with black perle cotton floss.

The black binding has been hand-stitched to the floral back.
Asking $35 USD (including shipping for this little quilt.

Thanks so much for looking!
Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you again in September!
Happy July and welcome here!

I am so thrilled to be included in this wonderful group! I hope you like my offerings this month!

Old Photo Candlemat

This little candlemat features a photo of a little girl from the 19th century. I printed the photo onto muslin and then added strips of blue and gold fabric around the center to create a "courthouse steps" design. The black print binding is handstitched to the back. I also handquilted around the photo with black embroidery floss. This candlemat measures about 9 1/2" x 12" and comes signed and dated.

 $25 USD 
(shipping to the USA and Canada included)

Thimbles Tablemat

This little tablemat features 49 little "thimbles" in the center, each a different fabric and individually cut. They are bordered with a black print fabric and a brown homespun. I handquilted around two sides of each thimble and around the inner black border with black embroidery floss. This tablemat measures about 14 3/4" x 15 1/2" and comes signed and dated. 

 $30 USD  SOLD! Thank you!
(shipping to the USA and Canada included)


Old-Fashioned Pincushion

I made this old-fashioned pincushion with a gold/brown print fabric and a dark blue homespun. Each of the eight pieces is firmly stuffed with polyfil. I added a homespun-covered button at the top and an old button held with a rusty safety-pin. This pincushion measures about 3" tall and 7" wide. 

 $35 USD 
(shipping to the USA and Canada included)


Saltshaker Pincushion

I made this primitive pincushion from an old, rusty salt-shaker. After cutting off the top (and discarding the salt that was still inside!) I made the cushion from distressed blue striped fabric, stuffed it firmly with polyfil and glued it inside. I then added an old button held with a rusty safety-pin and a little pair of scissors. This pincushion measures about 4 3/4" tall and 4" wide at the base. 

$35 USD 
(shipping to the USA and Canada included)


Thanks so much for looking! Hope to see you again in August!